Personal Musings…

‘Stop it Gautham. It’s the n’th time I’m repeating, “Do not teach me what to or how to speak”, I’m better at discourse than you are’, Ria bangs her diary on the table and moves away.

Kavya – Gautham, she is yet to move on from her break-up, do not upset her.

Gautham – Hey, I was just trying to help her out. It’s been her second break-up and I can figure out her fault. That’s why I wanted to soothe her.

Kavya – You mean you guessed what went wrong?

Gautham – Not a mere guess, I can assure it’s always her talk thats crumbling things.

Kavya – Come on Gautham, she is the pride of our department for the way she converses and people always come to her for relationship advices. And you say she breaks up because of what she speaks.

Gautham – Of course yes. I bet you on that. She is a coward by heart.

Kavya – Your words are raising my temper. Caution not to speak so in front of her.

Ria walks in with her cup of coffee and takes seat.

Ria – Sorry Gautham, I had been little loud.

Gautham – It’s ok. But accept your fault.

Kavya (interferes) – Gautham, Come let’s go get some coffee.

Gautham – I’m not in. If you don’t mind, get me a cup too.

Kavya – So you are not in. Don’t create any chaos. (She signals Gautham to keep quiet, as she moves towards the vending machine. Frequently eyeing the table with a tensed look)

Gautham – Accept your fault Ria. Its always you who has the last talk in debate.


Gautham – Am I wrong?

Ria – No.


Ria breaks out and starts speaking.

“I had been trying to keep myself normal. But my proactiveness deters me. I ask a question and even before he could answer, I say it myself. I’m being way too imaginative and running a virtual script even before I actually face it.”

Gautham – And the worst part is, you create it with negative thoughts. When you can be so positive all day long and cheer up others, I wonder how you can put yourself down so easily.

Ria – I’m comfortable in my world. I don’t want anyone new in it. I just want to run away. Far away to new places, to new people. Away from this society and its f***ing norms.

Ria breaks with tears and moves to the corridor. Gautham follows behind.

Kavya rushes seeing them.

Gautham holds Ria’s hand.

“Ria, life will never be the same always. You should start loving yourself first. Forget what the past offered you. Make the best of what you have. Take a break and be back. There are certain things that cannot be changed. Go by it or move away. Do not complicate things. Your worries will not change anything except that it worsens your health mentally. Go get some sleep and wake up to new horizon.”



Broken Smile

Hi Honey’, called out Aarav holding Dia in his right arm while the left went to grab the gift on the table…

‘Its been a long time, hope you enjoyed the trip’, he settles beside munching the fries and unwrapping the gift box…

‘Dia I missed you badly especially last…….’

‘Is that why you tattooed her name?’ she interrupts… With a pale smile she pulls the watch from the box and fastens it on his wrist….






Scribblings… 2

They started together. She walked up to her Pink Scooty, tied her scarf & rode away as fast as the bike could. She drove straight & left – vanished out of sight.

20 minutes passed and no sign of her. Ten more minutes and there she was in the same speed with her scarf flying in the wind and her hand gripping a DSLR. He waited in his CBR, with a growing naughty smile as she neared. She stares without a wink even from that distance, as usual admiring his style, his bike & his helmet.

She halts. Even before the engine would stop she started clicking pics of him. He poses patiently with his popular smile. Ten minutes and around 10 clicks, she was done.

He patted her head and pulled his keys from her bag, as they watched his pictures in her favorite shirt.