Zindagi Na Milaegi Dobara

June 4, 2010


I woke up excited.

The planner scheduled a day filled with activities. It all began @ 10am, wit me boarding a bus to beach, followed by a speed boat ride to the desk. It was blue all around. Eyes viewed either the sea or sky, those were the only things seen from that wooden desk.

We were directed towards a long queue, where many people waited with excitement & eagerness, while some fearful & experimenting. We got our tickets. Then left our towels n slippers in the counter provided and moved to the activity zone.

First there was a man repeating same instructions in 3 languages-Thai, English & Chinese. We were tested whether we had heard/learnt our alarm signal correctly. Then, asked to wear the sea-shoes and gloves.

Now when I stand waiting for my turn, behind some 6-8ppl, there was a heavy blow of anxiety. I looked all around & found the place deserted despite the noise n crowd. Some voice within asked me, ‘Can you do it?’. Before I could answer, it was my turn…

Someone helped me put on my oxygen mask and pushed me down the sea. Everything was blue.

 I couldn’t see, hear or think of anything… 

I felt badly sick…

I couldn’t breathe…

I signaled… I was taken above the waters…

It was frightening, as though I met with death under water… I removed the oxygen mask and breathed hardStruggled to breathe

When I eased a little, the man there started repeating the instructions to be followed… As I chew t gum n nod to him, thought of my mom back home @ Chennai and my dad busy with work @ Lao struck me. But no time to get senti. I was dropped in again with the mask on.

But this time it was a different blue. It was a lighter blue. Fearless blue. Blue of Ease… Blue of Eagerness… Blue of Energy….

I moved around.

What a sight, was that there…Wow!

 Fishes, sponges, weeds, sea plants n some ‘name-unknown’ creatures…

It was a wish, come true. I felt like a mermaid. I moved around for the next few minutes speaking with all of the water world wonders. It was like living a new life.

Back to the desk n then to the speed boat. Tears rolled down as I watch the disturbed water behind the boat. The trip under water was roughly 20 to 30mins, but a life time treasure… It gave me happiness, energy, some kind of courage, some sort of excitement…

Today when I watch the movie ‘Zindagi Na Milaegi Dobara‘, I feel the same butterflies within me again… An understanding to the happiness n excitement I experienced then…

(PS: ‘Zindagi Na Milaegi Dobara’ is a Hindi movie… The title can be roughly translated to life never comes again!)

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Author: @nk!

Engineer by Education/Recruiter by profession/ Blogger/Fresh Writer/Amateur Photographer/Dreamer/Avid Reader/Cricket Fan/Movie Critic/Music Lover/Fantasist-- Charming Princess Of My Fantasy World.!! (PS:I'm an infinitheist )

2 thoughts on “Zindagi Na Milaegi Dobara”

  1. wow wat a lively travelogue u have wrote:) simply superb anki:):) wish i get to dive in d deep BLUE sea sometime in life!!!

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