Talent Curbed…

Central railway station,

                      Another day in November, clouds thundering and pouring heavy rains. I got over the mass and mess along the subway from park station, to reach the central. I checked my watch, 3mins left. I rushed into the station, and found the platforms empty. Thanks to the rain, train was late by 20mins.

I went to fetch a cup of coffee. At the counter, someone called out my name. I glimpsed around and found no familiar faces. I walked up to a waiting bench and settled. I heard my name again. This time I had someone beside me, staring at me. It was a known face, but I couldn’t exactly remember who it was.

She smiled, ‘Hey! It’s me Shruti. Have you forgotten?’. I was both surprised and shocked. She looked very different from what she looked when we bid farewell 5yrs back. I gave her a hug and we exchanged talks. I stormed when she proudly said she was a mother of twins. I was stunned to know how her life changed track. Minutes passed, it was time for me to leave. I waved to her and got into my train.

As I travelled, her thoughts circled my mind.

It was Shruti, my best friend at tenth grade. She was someone who encouraged and inspired many. She was intelligent and outstanding in all fields. It is that same girl who had dreams of becoming a cardiologist. It was the same nerd, who had managed to get a merit seat in a well known medical college. 

Today when all my friends influenced by her were doing professional courses, I see her as a powerless wife and mother.

Where had her winning spirit gone??

Where was the boldness that was attached to her voice??

Where was all her pride dumped??

Who was to be blamed for all this??

What were her parents, who encouraged her all time doing now??

Several questions. Unanswered.I felt sorry for her. But she says, she is happy with what life had done to her. What shall I call this??




I later realised that this not only happened to her, but many other talents were too hunted and curbed.


Author: @nk!

Engineer by Education/Recruiter by profession/ Blogger/Fresh Writer/Amateur Photographer/Dreamer/Avid Reader/Cricket Fan/Movie Critic/Music Lover/Fantasist-- Charming Princess Of My Fantasy World.!! (PS:I'm an infinitheist )

3 thoughts on “Talent Curbed…”

  1. Hi
    Its happened to me too,At the earlier i too felt for that as it was my fate.But this life is too cool with my daughter.

    1. It happens to many… As time goes they find an alternate source to hide their past pains.. In ur case, its ur daughter, nice to here:)

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