Is it a transformation???

The clouds blow across the SUN, to make way for WINTER, which crawled in an unusual suit. It’s been raining since its onset, yet it’s warm around. I’m not sure whether it’s the same for all or only me.

Joining hands with the winter, I too am sounding strange (a text from a friend says so). Wondering what made me go out of way


Gone are the days when I wished rains to prolong for holidays to extend & exams to postpone. Now I find myself praying for rains to stop & let me have fun. Remembering those days when I used to sing “Rain rain go away, little ankitha wants to play “.

Riding miles despite the rain, just for a cup of coffee with someone special. How crazy these stupid guys turn you.

The usual talkative mouth remains closed but only for smiles that speak volumes. My only words were to the dark sky, asking it to roar louder so the meeting would extend. And thanking the south Indian music legend for his impeccable music (released lately was llayaraja’s Neethane Enn Ponvasantham album) that was adding charm to the delighted evening.

Guess what I was even attentive to the silly things he spoke. More attentive, than in any Math class. My brain started registering facts that were to be thrashed, worthless & senseless.

On the way back, the lovely rain became disgusting & its roars started irritating. The lips that prayed for it, now curses it. Till I reach home & ping him about the evening, I remain restless. As I type this I smile, is it the girlish feel. Gosh! Gotta be (wink)

How different I start feeling nowadays.

Writing down just to tell the world I’m out of MY WAY 😉


Author: @nk!

Engineer by Education/Recruiter by profession/ Blogger/Fresh Writer/Amateur Photographer/Dreamer/Avid Reader/Cricket Fan/Movie Critic/Music Lover/Fantasist-- Charming Princess Of My Fantasy World.!! (PS:I'm an infinitheist )

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