Filling Pages!

When paper meets pen, eventually we start scribbling. For some its drawings/flowcharts/blocks, but for most its stories. Obviously the situation here is zoomed into an exam hall.

For me, it’s a game between paper & pen. They come close, yet part without any strain. Again they meet and bid farewell without a mark. After long staring & thinking & framing pen drops to write. Wait wait! Which word would exactly mean what I mean to express. Think again, to get a word, exactly matching the context.

While this whole process goes on, eyes periodically stare at others and heart beats faster, puzzled what these people keep on writing about.

Well before the given time, do I complete the task of answering all the questions. And wait for my buddies who are still busy with the task of filling papers.

Finally when I move out to greet people, do I hear them asking “how many pages? “ Excuse me! We were suppose to answer the question, with our understanding and not blankly fill in pages. This was my perception, that sounded sick to many. With time I got used to weird queries like, “thu ne sirf  das page liki???”, “you left pages blank, cause you never knew the answer??” Phew.

I wanted to tell them not to make me anxious with your stupid logics & questions. But something stopped me. It was the results 😉

Today with the results released, I can tell them loudly, “Pls don’t ever thrash me with your logics. I’m just beside you not far apart”






Author: @nk!

Engineer by Education/Recruiter by profession/ Blogger/Fresh Writer/Amateur Photographer/Dreamer/Avid Reader/Cricket Fan/Movie Critic/Music Lover/Fantasist-- Charming Princess Of My Fantasy World.!! (PS:I'm an infinitheist )

2 thoughts on “Filling Pages!”

  1. Tats the perception we have about filling pages… Logic tat we learnt by Anna University exams for 4 years blindly writing down to finally got some marks to most of the question for which we just have the clue on the title( The clue which was got wen turning pages @ the last moment or hearin someone explain abt it jst bf entering the hall or even ages back ) 😀

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