Working with an Entrepreneur! PRO #1

Visualizing dreams!

Can anyone actually visualize someone else’s dream??

May sound weird!

It’s a confusing question ringing in my mind for the past few days.
Let me explain!

Even as I’m in the process of shaping my own dream, I currently work for someone else’s dream. Yes guys, I work with a multi interest entrepreneur. Lately he’s been talking about a new venture and I have been entrusted some responsibilities concerned to it. Each time we have a discussion about it, I end up with lot of interpretations.

30% correct; 30% wrong & 40% confused.

 Correct remains right; wrong(s) are questioned & corrected; whereas the confused remains confused!

Ultimately the question arises, did I get what he actually meant? That’s when I ask my brain to visualize the project the way its initiator does. It ends up with a conclusion; which no one can rate. In the end our perception changes to some extent & we start perceiving our own dreams in a slightly different way; in my case, better way.



Author: @nk!

Engineer by Education/Recruiter by profession/ Blogger/Fresh Writer/Amateur Photographer/Dreamer/Avid Reader/Cricket Fan/Movie Critic/Music Lover/Fantasist-- Charming Princess Of My Fantasy World.!! (PS:I'm an infinitheist )

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