The Shiva Trilogy – A Review

Beginning in the land of Meluha, one of the oldest civilizations around River Indus (which most of us refer to as the Indus Valley Civilization) this piece of fiction along with references from epics & myths, makes it sound like a real history.

The Plot:
The story begins with introduction of a tribe from Tibet, with an invitation to settle in a land beyond the mountain. Along with them we too are taken into the new land – civilized, systematic & flourishing kingdom of Meluha. Suryavanshis , the inhabitants of this land live prosperously with vast knowledge. But there is a hidden mystery, that keeps haunting this wonderful people of Meluha. They are awaiting a legendary hero to save them.

The legendary hero, to everyone’s surprise is from the barbaric tribe. He is entitled as their savior, the Neelkanth. Shiva the Neelkanth promises to do his best to this people & begins his journey with faith in his Karma. His journey is through a misconception of what they think as evil, and then comes an immense good that turns evil. Like every other story, destruction of evil is the climax.

The land of Meluha – an dream land with all good in it.
Suryavanshis VS Chandravanshis – the two way of life, may sound vague but has in-depth vision in it.
Good & Evil – ‘Both are sides of same coin’ – beautifully explained truth.

Characterization – All characters are carefully sculpted , for you will remember every single person with names & qualities.

If you have a liking towards history/epics , I strongly recommend you to read this book. Fiction lovers who would like to be taken to a new fantasy world can have a good time with this book.

Book Details:
Book 1 : The Immortals of Meluha
Book 2: The Secret of Nagas
Book 3: The Oath of Vayuputras
Author: Amish Tripathi



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One thought on “The Shiva Trilogy – A Review”

  1. One of the finest novels of recent times by an Indian author! Every book of this series keeps your eyes glued to each page till you reach the climax ! Beautifully written ! But before any reader turns even the first page of the very first book, they should be prepared for the attack on their general beliefs about SHIVA, the Lord . Shiva, the hindu god, has been shown in a very different light here in these novels. He has been imagined to be a common man with multiple talents who stands for the beliefs of the people of ” Meluha”, a state that presents a near perfect society . It required enough courage on the part of the author to show ” SHIVA” from a completely different standpoint. And in this process, he could very easily have brought the wrath of the people on himself and his work. But this didn’t happen which, like numerous other times, proves us, the hindus , to be pretty patient and understanding. If you write some imaginary stuffs about your god in some other country or culture , probably you will not get away so easily. Anyways, I like the story and the way it is presented. Thumbs up to ” NEELKANTH ” .

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