Day 3:

I recently read an article on ‘Inner Peace’ of mind by Sadhguru… He says, ‘Peace is the A of life and not Z’…

How true..

We people speak a lot about peace, that by itself is an indicator of disturbed mind…

Everyone runs behind something, calling it their purpose of life or source of motivation… At the end, all wish for happiness and inner peace…And what most of us forget is, we our-self have lost our peace to materialistic desires and temporary virtues…

On the contrary, only a peaceful mind can device goals and ambitions, based on which we live… If peace prevails in the very first page of our life then we would be working towards achieving something better than what we have…

But if we do not realize the virtue of peace and head in search of it, then it is like mixing up a rubik’s cube… Also, when you do not mix it up, life is monotonous..

Finally what I understand is, all aspects of life are interrelated and have their own periodic cycle… Peace is the ‘A’ that makes us think better and succeed.. Success when handled with peace, directs towards more success.. When dealt with ego it causes chaos, resulting in search of peace…

In simple, you have all basic colors, what you draw is ultimately dependent on your hands… Peace being the background color….


PS: Travelling out for next 3 days.. So posts will be daily updates with pictures..

With Love,



Author: @nk!

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