Daily Dose of Conversation

I was over excited thinking about my best friends wedding that I couldn’t sleep last night..  Woke up early,  packed to move out of station(ofcourse for the wedding ceremony) and reached office earlier than normal..

Loaded with work as ever..  But I wasn’t tired..  My enthu drove the day faster than normal..  I chk my watch and it’s 4pm..  One final session of training and Sir was there…  As I sit to understand about the product,  my mind recalls the day’s choirs.. It’s quiet normal that I’m mentally absent for lectures.. 

As the day’s scenes flash across, I could see the ‘very happy’ (normally just happy)  me wandering through the day’s drama..  Only essence that was missing was that my ever busy mouth was zipped most of the time..  Maybe I was too happy that I didn’t wanted to spoil it speaking to my ever negative colleague who makes your day dull…  But wait, I had another one to my left from whom I normally pull words and fill gaps of the day..  Due to some reason he was dump today and I too dint bother to disturb him… 

After the brief session, I was all ready to start and made my way towards the bus depot in an auto… Unusually today I got to speak to the driver,  who was super active even after the tiring day…  30mins drive was filled with conversation, unexpectedly about environmental pollution and researches on nature and how we are exploiting it for the bad cause… At the end he suggested some websites wherein he reads such details and keeps him updated..  It was a memorable drive,  informative too..  (I’ll figure out the website and share at the earliest,  as I’ve a card shared by him…

Finally I was done with my dose of daily conversation with the auto person..  As the info received was new no regrets about it.. 
What is making me to think is that a 9 hour at office with dump people around and 30 minutes useful conversation with a unknown face..

Is it my fault that I do not make people comfortable to interact with me or their own problem..  Is it me who makes one sided conversation and leaves the other silent or its their nature to remain so.. 

Answer unknown…  Hope my colleague reads it and makes my days more noisy….

(Post from Mobile..  Excuse formatting and typos)

With love, 


Author: @nk!

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