Stress & Work

From the time I wake up till I’m back to bed, ‘stress’ is one of those very common words I come across too often… Starting from home,  in train, at office and everywhere people speak about stress…

The other day,  an acquaintance met me on street..  As we were talking she asked me,  what I was working as and how is the job..  I started explaining with pride,  how I function being an member of HR team of a group company..  She interrupted in-between and questioned,  is it stressful or stress free job…
A similar incident had happened a few days later when I was referring a person for a vacancy in my friend’s company..  They questioned whether the job will be stress free…

That is when I started realising why the word ‘stress’ had gained so much popularity in recent days…  Maybe atleast here in my surrounding… Then I started enquiring to my peer circle of friends and colleagues on this topic..  Around 80% of them used stress alongside their job.. Of that 80% people,  more than 70% had taken up job roles irrelevant to their course study and far away from their vision of life..

Majority of them were people who wanted to make big name and money in short span rather than being career focused or passion oriented… I wonder ultimately,  whatever reasons they may give they are the people who chose it and decided to hold on..  Then what is making them stressful…

The gap between dream and reality does exists..  I believe in working to reduce the gap..  Not by moving in opposite direction and filling the gap with psychological terms…

A simple tip to those who complaint about their jobs…  Even if things around you are not as you expected,  work with full heart and device a path towards your dream from the unfavourable starting point..  Whatever maybe the path the destination has to be your dream…

PS -Psychologically,  Stress is simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium…

In simple it a state of disturbed mind.. It’s not part of grammar or any adjective to be used so frequently..

(Post from mobile..  Excuse typos)

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Author: @nk!

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