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We read alot about the evolution of computer,  vehicles and weapons.. We upgrade each and every machine around us for a better living..  Our we humans in par with technological upgradations…

My question was,  by upgrading all things around around us,  are we really upgrading ourselves…  Are we as an individual upgraded versions of our ancestors….

I m sharing across the voice of two people with complete contradictory views..

1. By Ms Sindhuja
When evolution answers the greatest question of all how from single cell organism we became the super self of all living thing as far as we know. We human always have a quest for becoming the better self, anyhow manifesting a better self over evolution is not a over night job, it takes a huge time. Adding to that we did not understand ourselves fully in biological especially neurological point of view, we can’t upgrade ourselves! As much we think we could. But the crave for the ultimate “being better” doesn’t stop simply. So what do we human chose here is “Technology”.

Technology- sure man made. It gets as easy as we get to know it. And with the right amount of greed and social situation we buy technology in all sizes. That somehow happen to be a part of ourselves which we think it’s quicker way of becoming better self. So we do win. We made a better self with a added gadget. But that doesn’t put an end to the evolution that’s working on us. The implications of  being smarter with an add on not predictable but sure some ideas are there.

One of the recent such an idea has been shared via a British Series Black Mirror. Although it gives us pleasure and satisfaction of being better. Sometimes it has been clearly used to show your “Alpha” personality or even “Narcissistic” self. Yet as long as it feels good we can’t really blame for being so addicted to it. After all it tries to give a better version of you at least virtually.

Yet can we conclude it is Harmless???
The thought of better technology doesn’t get to some state where its “The BEST” and no more upgrades needed. Interestingly Moore’s law suggests the below,

A little background and definition of Moore’s law:
An observation made by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1965. He noticed that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits had doubled every year since their invention. Moore’s law predicts that this trend will continue into the foreseeable future.

The law clearly puts an end saying foreseeable future. There could be too. In a positive thought there will be a finite end to all of this, where we really reach “The BEST” and our quest ends or there could be something better than processors which creates another decade of super smart devices. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

So basically as long as we just aim for our better self from a recipient perspective we temporarily get what we are looking for. Its just a Win-Win of users-technology.

Wait it gets cynical as well! 😌

what if instead of providing you a better version of yourself or your life, it replaces you or it takes your possession. Even worse what if it owns you. Not just getting addicted is owning, more like you openly give yourself to technology and it makes a bigger understanding with its wide knowledge and owns you literally and figuratively.? You will have no way out than shutting everything down or get shut down by the systems you have designed to make you better.? This could just be a fictional explanation when we take this with a humanitarian perspective, it unveils greater threats. Some of the impacts that we already faced/facing are,

* Being seen as a information.
* Being judged quickly.
* Losing the ability to understand the others situation.
* Being insensitive to emotions.
* Losing ability to connect with one another.
* Making a real connections
* Sharing thoughts by looking in the eyes
* Losing the ability to stick to morality
* Finding hard to understand reality over virtual world.
* Losing ability to find common sense.

Greed, self-destruction Might end up getting “The BEST”! When there ll be no need of humanity..!
Its better to say “It’s bigger than you champ be cautious!”
See what I did there..? I have tried to say it better!

2. By Mr Fidel Castro M

Scientific development in a society is  always affecting human life and thought.  Invention of computer is one of the greatest milestone of human history.   It created opportunity for everyone to get unhindered information access and consequent scientific development.

Some of the important development like transportation,  weapons and  energy were modified entire landscape of human lifestyle.  The development in transportation enabled fast and safe journey over the years.  The nuclear age provided highly sophisticated weapons for safety against hostile environment.  In short, it is acting as prohibitive factor of any possible 3rd world war.

The gap between time required for scientific advancements are reduced from thousands of years to less than a decade now.  These upgradations in technology are always aided human beings to do things easy and accurate.

Human beings basic tenet ‘curiosity’ is always acted as mother of all scientific inventions.  The technologies like vehicles, weapons, energy and computers are revolutionary developments emerged as an outcome of knowledge accumulated over evolutionary period of time.

The upgradation of human beings through scientific advancements were always enhanced our knowledge and understanding of our surroundings.
Since upgradation of anything cannot occur without any base, we as human beings are essentially upgraded form of our ancestors.  Even though the way of life far different from the past, still we share basic values of our ancestors.

We as human beings are ‘old wine in a new bottle’.

With love,

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