Make Choices for Life, not for the Moment…

The Sun was at horizon. Not to rise, but to rest. After energizing all living creatures he too needed some relaxation to rejuvenate.

Aria was sitting on a high rock listening to the waves splashing against the rocks in no definite pattern. Clad in her blue jean and a mid length half white kurti, she looked not more than 32yrs of age. Her hands held a black pointed pen running continuously in her half filled long size 180 pages note book.

As the sun was moving to his bed, his rays turned red and hit hard on Aria, demanding a look from her before settling down. She couldn’t resist the call, she looked up with her eyes half shrunk. The rays were so fierce, that they forced few drops from her eyes. The drops smudged the third word in the fifth line of the present page. Before she could check on that, her phone rings

(‘Mujh ko iraade de,Kasmein ke vaade de,Meri duaaon ke ishaaron ko sahaare)

An unsaved number, she answers with a dull, ‘Hello’.

It was a hesitant ‘Hello’ on the other side, yet she recognises the voice and cuts the call without delaying a second.

Her tears flood and smudge the entire line starting from the third word, ‘Arvind calls Aliah to express his love…’

The phone rings again…  Same unsaved number, this time it’s allowed to ring a little longer that the true caller fetches data and reads, ‘ARVIND’…

It starts drizzling. Aria manages to fetch her things and rushes towards nearby cafe. Wind blows strong, fast enough to turn and tear the pages of her book. More vigorous, to turn the pages of her mind.

Arvind was Aria’s love in interest during her college days. But, he least cared about her. She had been behind him all the while, but in vain. Later they happen to get to work for the same publishing company. Aria was all happy for the second chance, but things hadn’t changed with Arvind.

Aria was growing successful in her career with each new project and was moving ahead than all her peers, including Arvind. Somehow their relationship remained unchanged.

Exactly five years back, the same day. Arvind’s Birthday! He made a marriage proposal to her. The atmosphere was enthralled. Everyone was excited, as it finally happened. Breaking everyone’s eagerness, a dark wave of disappointment flows in as Aria refuses the proposal, citing reason of her career growth. Shattered Arvind quits the company in next few months and moves to focus on his career and family.

As days pass, eventually Aria grew to be a successful in her profession, a known name in her industry. She was being loaded with recognitions for her work. But, she had no one to share her happiness & success. Everyone had moved on… Focussing on her career, she failed to focus on people around. Their care… Their love… Their wishes… Nothing seemed big to her, while she had been sailing in her professional boat.

Today, Aria is all alone with only her so called career success. She takes a break to pen down her story… That is when she gets a call from Arvind…..

Is it another chance?? Or is it a bigger disappointment??

She doesn’t know…

She isn’t interested to know…

She drives her concentration towards the city traffic, as she drives back home….

Ultimately, life is a result of your choices. Your choices are mostly what you wanted for the moment and not based on what you want for life…

 With Love



Author: @nk!

Engineer by Education/Recruiter by profession/ Blogger/Fresh Writer/Amateur Photographer/Dreamer/Avid Reader/Cricket Fan/Movie Critic/Music Lover/Fantasist-- Charming Princess Of My Fantasy World.!! (PS:I'm an infinitheist )

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