I’m Not Perfect – A Confession

Everything around was in Harmony. Life had been peaceful. I had all reasons to be happy. Life’s straight lines looked perfect, but as all know curves are better & beautiful. So, I wanted to break the monotonous phase and bring in a fresh energy…

What did I Do??

I had taken up an idea that had been long pending. In fact, it was thrice tried and failed idea, which I had left to seek expert advice before further proceeding. In the name of reworking on it, I had retarded to its very first stage. Even before I realised that, it was live. A big flop again, a bitter fall.

What followed…

Trying to impart change, I had brought in a chaos. I had already known very that this idea wouldn’t work this way and had to been waiting for the right time to rework, but out of eagerness to break the uniformity, I had disturbed the serenity.

My preparations had been high that all the energy put into the work couldn’t retard easily. They were in active mode, looking for salvage. When I least noticed, they started transforming. A fission had taken place, all energy was scattered towards tiny things, but with 180 degree inclination and thrice the force of initial input. All my emotions were misguided… Happiness directed towards jealousy… Anger towards tears..Etc… Results were drastic, like discussion became arguments and debates ended in fights.

End of each day I would stress out my brain trying to figure out what had gone wrong, why was I like that.  

Setting things Right…

I wasn’t comfortable to discuss my state to anyone. Answering my prayers came a call from my best friend, ‘Hey, I’m coming to Chennai this weekend, let’s meet up’… Hearing the voice was a bliss, adding to it was the news. I finally met him on a rainy Sunday.

Even without my intervention, it consumed only one hour for him to figure out that things weren’t as usual and he set it right too. Indeed it’s a blessing to have friends who think the way you do and who know the real you… It was like having an insight to my own mind, a reflection of self in a calm state…


In the past three months that I had been confusing myself, in a zest to bring thrill to my life and resulted in misery, I had spoilt few good long term relationships, hurt people around, confused and irritated new buddies.

Now, It is an open confession to them all.. .List is huge for individual confession, so I chose this platform, kindly excuse..


From tomorrow I’m moving to my own world were lived in harmony with my ambition, books, art and music… Thanks for all those who stayed with me during this stupid phase… A bigger thanks to all those who left, for I had cleared the dump… And for the new comers, ‘After all no one is perfect, but what you had seen so far had been the bitter side. If you have patience, do hang on to see the brighter side’ 🙂

With Loads of Love,

Ankitha ❤


Author: @nk!

Engineer by Education/Recruiter by profession/ Blogger/Fresh Writer/Amateur Photographer/Dreamer/Avid Reader/Cricket Fan/Movie Critic/Music Lover/Fantasist-- Charming Princess Of My Fantasy World.!! (PS:I'm an infinitheist )

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