Guess it’s an alteration of ‘Few Silly Reasons’… When there are more options, well there are few worthy reasons to peep in here.

Location and Ambience

Fusilli Reasons

Located in an off shoot lane from Ormes road (Vasudevan Street), one has to circle the locality to get in here, if you are pretty new to Kilpauk. Others can make it straight, provided they are aware of such an eatery out there. With hardly four to five tables, seating is always a problem. You get to wait for minimum 15-20mins, at any time of the day. Weekend waitings are worst. The crowd is decent, making shifts faster.



Anyone searching for the menu card will be directed to the guy at the counter, who displays his monitor. Three items – Garlic Bread, Nachos & Pastas. And two refreshing drinks – iced tea & tang. The hot & crisp garlic bread is served with three variants of Mayo- Corn/Spinach/ Beetroot Mayo. Adding to the menu was an assorted option, with a slice from each flavour. Five sauce flavours for pastas available include – White, Red, Mixed (white+red), Herbed and Pesto. Including all variants and options, the menu hardly contains 12-14 items.

The Real Reason to visit Fusili Reason

Garlic Bread

Time was the taste buds to speak as it still remembers its first convention with its food. We had opted for assorted garlic bread. Of the three the beetroot mayo was unbeatable. You cannot skip without a second order. Next comes the yummy Nachos, the first time I ever liked them without complaints. We has then ordered pasta with pesto, which was normal compared to mixed sauce which followed. Thirst quenchers, id their job pretty well.


#CompactPlace #VFM #PocketFriendly #NeverDisappointing #Must-try-for-foodie(s)


{Day 2- Task Complete}

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