My Blog

Version 1 : Originally written in 2011, Sept 29

This blog is all about how things appear to a person who is::


Yes, thats me.

In this blog I’ve shown you how things appear to me, how i interpret them and learn from them.

I believe writing is one of the best & safe way of communication.

Thereby, this blog is born.

I named it, ‘Cocktail of Thoughts’

Some thoughts are like Water, Common – -> Basis thoughts

Some like Juice, Nourishing – -> Refreshes you

Some like Caffeine, Stimulating – -> Energizes

Some like Alcohol, Hypnotizing – -> Drives crazy

Some like Honey, Sweet – -> Brings Happiness

Some like Ambrosia, Rare – -> Bizarre

This is what each mind plants & nurtures….

Penning down few such thoughts from my mind!

Cocktail of Thoughts became “Composed Thoughts” when some one drew me crazy & I started scribbling the so called Poems 😉 

Hope the journey goes on well…


Upgraded Version : 2015, Aug 16

Dear Readers,

Thanks for visiting this page…

I’m using this blog as a digital note pad, wherein I fill up interesting things that inspire me , random information and thoughts that I would like to share with people around me and certain perceptions or mind musing that was left unexpressed due to the so called external constraints….

I would be open to take in suggestions on my writing.. Discussion and debates are also welcomed….


With Love,