Version:: WATER.!!

Yes, it’s about the water again. 🙄

I’m so much energized by this thing called water… Be it sea, rain or waterfalls- all forms are hypnotizer(s).

They tranquil me, talk to me and teach me a lot. Proud to say,’ I can interpret their language’ 🙂

Here are few of such interpretations- – ->

Sea talks to me about staying calm & patient, for anger is like a cyclone.

Rivers show to abide boundaries, even if you fail to follow the rules.

Waterfall taps me down saying not to be too proud.

Rain reminds me that someone above is watching all that’s happening.

Boiling steam asks me to be volatile, for you’ll b thrown out of this world anytime.

Melting ice says be influenced but don’t lose your identity. 


The Real You!

While in Rome do as Romans do’, but don’t forget, when you are back home you cannot stay as you were in Rome.. Adaptability to surroundings is important, but at the same time don’t lose your originality, that’s more important.

ORIGINALITY…  Many of us wonder what am I originally. Here are few questions to help you out, try answering them to yourself.

What irritates you the most??

What raises your temper??

What makes you sick??

You cry for??

You awe at??

You admire??

You follow??

When do you maintain silence??

You laugh at??

You fear??

Which kind of place you would like to hang out??

You watch??

You trust??

You believe in??

If you managed to answer all the questions, well you know who you are. Skip the next paragraph:-)

For others who struggled answering them.. Here you go. You‘re yet to discover yourself.  Till now you had been dependent on someone else’s liked/dislikes/thoughts… It’s high time you get to know yourself. How can you get to know??  It’s simple STOP AND PAY ATTENTION. Take time to watch yourself, your actions, thoughts & reactions. Watch keenly.

After discovering the real you, now it’s about maintaining it.

Be Choosy. Don’t follow the crowd. Be bold enough to speak out what you feel. Don’t always nod because everyone else is doing that. Initially you’ll be treated as a stranger, but later who gets fit with all that you are‘ll stay in forever with you.


First Day Fun!

The door opened & I moved in. I could hear air at my ears. The place was quiet isolated from the world outside. A huge group of people were waiting for their turns, each in their own thoughts. Some were making few gestures that I couldn’t understand. I was introduced to a person, and then asked to take a seat behind the others waiting.

Group by group people moved in and out. Few carried strange equipments with them. I watched them wipe them and tender them with great care. Others exerted full pressure that made their tools make strange noise. Some spoke to air with their hands. Few remained with closed eyes as though they were sleeping or perhaps praying. I kept smiling and giggling, and turned silent when someone noticed.

I felt as though I’ve entered the wrong place. NO. I heard my name being called.

I went in, took a seat in a mat there. A madam appeared whose looks were terrifying. She spoke to comfort me, but all I heard was her howl. I smiled. I received a frown & few more howls in return.

She said, ’’Let’s begin’’.  I kept quiet. She sounded the same words again in a louder tone & began. She continued speaking for about a minute and asked me to repeat. I did so. She stopped me in between and repeated her conversation again. I followed her, in the same manner as earlier. But this time she said good & proceeded to next line. The process continued for next one hour. She kept correcting me, as I repeated her words like a parrot. Suddenly she would appreciate with a good, that made me wonder. While at most of the time it was a frown that I received. Nothing affected my way of parroting nor my feel in that strange place.

An hour passed and I was asked to leave. I thanked and left happily:-)

It was my first day @ Music class. I had joined carnatic singing class, when I was 8. It’s been years now, and now I know why I received those appreciations or frowns. This first day fun makes me smile even now, when I hear someone talk of music class. 


Attempt I–கனவில் மனம் பரித்த கள்வனே…….

பூ பூக்கும் சத்தம் கேட்டு துயில் கலைந்தேனடா!
கனவை ஆண்ட முகந்தனை நெஞ்சில் பதித்தேனடா!
அதை நிலவில் தினம் கண்டு தேய்ந்தேனடா!
~~கனவில் மனம் பரித்த கள்வனே…
 என்று வருவாய் என் கரம் பிடிக்க??
உன் மூச்சுக் காற்றின் வெட்பத்தில்
குளிர் தணிக்க ஆசையடா!
என் பெயருடன் உன் பெயரை
இணைத்து உச்சரிக்க ஆசையடா!
உன் அன்பின் அரவணைப்பில் என்னை
நான் மறக்க ஆசையடா!
~~கனவில் மனம் பரித்த கள்வனே…
 என்று வருவாய் என் கரம் பிடிக்க??


My First Love….

When I was learning to walk,
                         I felt sick of his joy — I was afraid.!!
When I played outdoors,
                         the caring devil chased me to books —I disliked.!!
When I slept without completing home works,
                          he  rushed in as a savior —I thanked !!
When I met his messy loud flashy friends— 
                          I was astonished!!
When I was got the most colorful & priceless gift—
                          I adored it!!
I liked it when I had his shoulder to cry on  &  
                          hated when he was around to spoil my happy times!!
Each time I felt, I felt it new & refreshing….
Its all about My Dear Rain 😉 🙂