LOVE travels Circularly…

LOVE travels in circles

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Scribblings… 2

They started together. She walked up to her Pink Scooty, tied her scarf & rode away as fast as the bike could. She drove straight & left – vanished out of sight.

20 minutes passed and no sign of her. Ten more minutes and there she was in the same speed with her scarf flying in the wind and her hand gripping a DSLR. He waited in his CBR, with a growing naughty smile as she neared. She stares without a wink even from that distance, as usual admiring his style, his bike & his helmet.

She halts. Even before the engine would stop she started clicking pics of him. He poses patiently with his popular smile. Ten minutes and around 10 clicks, she was done.

He patted her head and pulled his keys from her bag, as they watched his pictures in her favorite shirt.


Yet to be Named…

The sky was clear blue. Dusk was crawling in and all nature’s gifts were returning to their hubs. Standing in the corridor of second floor of the Mathematics department with a cup of coffee was Roshni – a smart and passionate lecturer with loud voice and dark eyes. Contrasting her fair complexion was her red cotton saree. She checks her watch and then rushes to her room. She clears all books from her desk in a second and gears to return home. She had been lecturing the whole day and was drained out of energy.

Heading towards her bike at the parking, she hears someone call her name. Not able to recognise the voice, she gazes in the direction of the tone and finds her husband Sarathy standing next to the lamp post. A tall, dark guy with well built physique and red framed specs. It was the first time she had heard him call her by name.
Slowly they walk towards each other swallowing words and exchanging strange looks.

‘How was your day?? Starting home? ‘, asks Sarathy.

‘Yea, what are you doing around here? ‘, questions Roshni surprisingly.

‘I’m too heading home. Just thought of picking you up’, smiles Sarathy.

‘But… But I had driven to college in my bike’.

‘Mmm… We shall drive back together’, saying this he moves to get his bike from parking.

Both of them drive home in their bikes, very slowly to accompany each other. Mid-way he stops and asks her for dinner. Her eyes glow brighter in the dark. She approves with a hesitant nod.

Sarathy drives ahead and she follows. They stop at a roof top restaurant. Whiles her eyes were gazing for an empty table, he points out to a corner table with reserved sign and leads her holding her hand. The last time when his hand fell on hers was at the ring exchange during their wedding. Preoccupied with scenes from her wedding she follows him and takes the seat. Silence for the next five minutes. They stare at each other with thousands of questions and thoughts flashing in their minds.

He opens up, asking her choices for the order. The next 45 minutes moves slowly with few general words. Then they drive back home. Roshni, who was taken back by the surprises of the evening, calls to her bestie and happily shares the events of the evening. Hearing her loud voice, Sarathy smiles and was walking outside the room. Once the voice fades, he knocks the door and enters. This is the first time, he is inside the room after she had occupied it. She stands near the bed with phone in her hand. He looks around with keen eyes and takes all details in his mind. Goes up to her and hands over a small packet. She drops her phone and takes the packet.

Before opening it, she asks him, ‘Any special occasion?’

He Smiles…

‘Is it your birthday today?’

His smile intensifies to a loud laughter. She hangs her head down confused.

He moves closer, holds her hand, ‘It’s been a month now. HAPPY MONTHLY’VERSARY!!’


She blushes…

‘Will you come into my life to decorate it as beautiful as your room’, asks Sarathy kissing her on the forehead.

PS: Breaking the blues of arranged marriage-This was the title that struck my mind. Couldn’t think better one, so left it untitled…





Unspoken Words

First attempt towards story writing..  Presenting an one page story…

‘I can’t change my attitude towards work, if you cannot put up with it,  you can complaint anytime and change your unit’,  words blew like hot stream out of a new spring…  Akash was shocked to hear this from Akshitha..  He put his head down and moved out of the place..  Akshitha felt uncomfortable as she realised the whole unit was staring at her..  She then hurried towards the cafeteria..

Her fingers held a pen which was wandering across sheets of her long size notebook… The aroma of coffee made her look up.. Her breath was as hot as the coffee in her cup.. Resting her pen down,  she held her cup of coffee in one hand while the other texted Akash,  through her new IPhone…

‘Where are you?? ”….

Message delivered….

‘Sorry, I was in some tension’

‘I’m at cafeteria’

Messages delivered…

‘Pls reply,  where are you? ‘

All messages were delivered.. After few seconds, all texts had a double blue tick…  Yet no reply..  Akshitha calls him..  He never picked the call nor did he reply to the messages…

Akshitha stirs her mind along with her cup of coffee.. It was nine months ago that she first met Akash, a tall, well built guy with medium complexion and a  naughty smile at end of his eyes… He was always identified by his white puma cap and a cooler that hung more in his shirts than over his eyes… That was his first day as an assistant director at the sets of a animation serial for kids.. He was introduced to Akshitha as her trainee…

Akash being an introvert, made Akshitha difficult to pull words out of his mouth and take him into action.. She always wondered how such a reserved guy made into their field which required so much of out going nature… Amidst their bipolar character,  these guys had a common approach towards their career which made things easier with time…  Soon they became known names in their industry with all their success and Tom & Jerry fights…

Days were colourful..  Time was carving beautiful memories for future… Big plans were deviced for future projects..  Both of them grew specialised and popular combination for success projects…

It was a hot sunny day.. Akshitha’s birthday… It was around 4pm and she was lost in her books, when the door bell rang continuously…  She opened the door annoyed and was surprised to see her entire team waiting to wish her.. Akash had managed to throw a surprise party for his best friend.. Following the visit at home they both went out to a movie and then dinner…

They moved out of the restaurant and were walking past the lawn towards the parking… Akshitha thanked him for the unexpected birthday celebration… Her heart felt light and she seemed very happy than ever before… Loaded with enthusiasm, she turned towards Akash, who was two feet behind in a way to say something… It was then he was hugged with a big hii by a normal looking, fair, lean girl…  Akshitha stood stunned, watching the silly gestures between them.. Akash took a moment to realise she was around..  He then introduced Preeti..  ‘Akshitha,  this is Preeti,  my fiance.. We guys are getting married in January’.. ‘And Preeti she is my best friend Akshitha’..  There was a formal greeting session and they bid farewell…

Akshitha drove back home with tears in her eyes… Since then,  she had been more focused on her career..  She had been engaging herself with new stuffs as much as possible and made it a point to stay away from Akash.. Despite the distance, she had always been his well wisher,  motivator and master… There was an unnamed affection towards him, which she kept on check..
Her coffee cup slipped and she jerked out..  Eyes full of tears,  she quickly checked her mobile, but no signs..  When she almost started crying,  Akash patted her and said,  ‘Its ok dear ‘

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